18 December 2007

A meaningful card

During our class farewell in The Curve, I've got this card from Trisha. Thank you very much for putting in your effort and got everyone in the class to at least dropped a few words. I love receiving things of hand-made, meaningful and priceless!

The moment I saw this card, I knew they would be pictures inside!! mmm.... =) Let me showed you the contents and pictures...

These were the pictures taken when were together undergoing our course in Tourism Management. Eventually, we could see the changes in everyone especially how we started in Taylor's College until today. I supposed i'm one of the nerdy look in the class and everyone was still wearing their jeans and baby tee as their smartest clothing of all. Take a look at us now!

"This pair of shoes is not high enough"
"I want to buy eye shadow"

These are the few phrases you could hear from us. Yes, we now dress like office people - Taylor's College compulsory uniform. And i felt i look older than my group of friends back in hometown! Okay, let's not say "Old"...a better word "mature". I can even run with my high heels now and wearing them for shopping. It doesn't hurt anymore because my feet are immune and i get used to it already.

Two years with my classmates seemed to be quite long...but actually it is short. Well, it is because we went through a lot from grooming to personal character and changing our mind from student to professionalism. You know how Taylor's College always like to give examples by using branded goods name. For example, the differences between Estee Lauder and Nivea, Bonia and Armani Exchange..ooww..heard it a lot of times even the day of our pre-ceremony graduation!

Anyhow, I do cherish the moments i went through with you guys. Though we may go seperate ways but we are carrying a brand name. So put a label on yourself with your professionalism. Hahahaha!!! Thank you very much for everything.

The wording in the card

I will upload more photos of our farewell, give me some time. I haven't receive our camwhoring photos yet.

Clara Soo

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