10 September 2009

Buka Puasa @ Asia City

It is the time for Breaking Fast month. Missing Malay delicacies & cuisines? For those that are away from Malaysia, you will probably just enjoy the pictures. OOppss..I don't have pictures of food yet because too hungry ate them quickly, half way through only I got to remember no pictures taken!

Nevermind at least I am happy! I had Roti John & Cendol last week. Two Thumbs up! Might want to try something else this week. Another 2 weeks to go and it is time for celebration to the Malaysians not only for Malays :) This is what a great country is about when multi-racial citizens living together *peace & Public Holidays.

Have you visited any yet? You better do! Oh, don't forget your mask. Prevention is better than sorry; not that I wear either.. hehe :)

P/S : I might find myself in baju kurung next week. huhu...See if I get any pictures.

Happy Berbuka Puasa to all!


Alvin Lim said...

wah, i long long time nv go to such pasar ramadhan already lor. miss the food there but pretty unhealthy also la

sooclara said...

Alvin : its true very very unhealthy! but you still see crowd!.. i mean crowddd!