07 September 2009

18SX Lamp

The title is funny.

I was shopping with family last week. Not really shopping but just enjoy walking around in air-condition place; the weather is freaking hot on the field! If you don't sweat, it must be something wrong in that human body. Trust me!

Anyway, back to topic. This particular lamp that caught my sight and I took a picture of it.

Erection : Turning on the lamp (pushing upwards)
No strength/power : Turning off the lamp (pushing downwards)

I went through the lamp and had a small giggle of it. My mother was feeling so shy and kept insisting of me to stop playing the on off button. But is just a lamp only whattt... she laughed without noise by closing her mouth with a palm looking around in case someone saw me or her. Funny woman!

Would you buy the lamp? I strongly think, it is a very good present for someone; to have a great laugh about it upon opening. Don't you think so?


Alvin said...

wahh, ur mum is so much more 'shi wen' than u leh

bong said...

gosh i need a new table lamp... where can i get this? hahaha...

sooclara said...

Alvin : hahahah! she is..but now we are modern liao mah..i am so abit "kolot" 1 sometimes :)

bong : Survey putatan..hehe! hope u enjoy the lamp.