15 June 2011

Shopping before NZ Trip

Yeah, I just came home from shopping before going to New Zealand. So irony! But I need some warm clothing before I get there and I didn't plan to shop in NZ though!

I bought a few stuff today and I am so so happy! Coz the other day I went out shopping and came home empty handed. But this time at least I bear some fruits LOL! Oh, I did it in the video for the first time!!! The reason being is my camera is out of battery. But anywayz, here you go!

Like any of my stuff??!! I basically bought everything for half price, so I saved like $49.90!! :DD

Thank you for watching! Bye!

P/S : Hopefully I am going to post my photos from Brisbane and Gold Coast very soon! *anticipating


Brenda said...

u look so cute in the video! hahaha... :)

sooclara said...

omg..tell me!where is cute? is t my face wtff!! so fattt!!