27 June 2009

La Femme Désespéré

means The Woman's Desperation.

I tried to be secretive! But I think my clue from previous post gives enough hint for you to guess what this post would be all about.

Also, the french title :p

If you get it RIGHT, give you 1 buck! :p

Little did I know, I finally reached the destination (don't scroll down first! Guess ok? Wild guess!) after interchange buses, trains and much walking. The feminine's Heaven. Agree?

Reached around 11am, was not that much of creatures yet... but in a split second, I felt I could hardly walked & grab something that I saw in the first place.

Mother & baby in the stroller too, did not want to miss the chance to at least grab O.n.e label!

This should be the best purchase of the trip (You will say)

To me, it doesn't really matter much as I didn't plan to buy any.

I don't know. I am not a big fan of Coach or Gucci or Prada or even LV. I must be the weird one! You know, La Femme Désespéré! That does not match much to my personality.

Although I am not a fan, didn't want to buy BUT I thought I will regret in future. As chances don't come easily every now and then.

With that, I bought a purse too >.<

I always thought, if I didn't want it, I can sell it off anytime online. Many buyers would fall for it though (@.@) More over, genuine... real Coach, no fakey, no copy, no imitation.

Tell me nice or not?

I haven't launched my handbag yet. Hhmm, you think I should keep until CNY 2010? It is made of leather, just afraid by the time I want to use it, the leather cracked.

Some more, Malaysia is so hot. Leather takut panas!

Economy went up a little tiny bit when I bagged all of them back!

If I used it at any time, I will take a picture & make a launching. *imagine cutting red ribbon. wtf!*

To view the purchases, please check online. Happy matching & finding!

The above purchases are very much reasonable & affordable in USA. Even after I convert to MYR. Frankly speaking, if these were to buy in Malaysia, I am sure you would not pay with cash as you need to bring money that comes to as thick as our textbooks back in school.

You feel like going to Chicago. Plan now & realized your dream in the next 2-3 years.

.Saturday at home blogging, just because of you, my lovely readers.


Mei-Wah said...

WAHLAUYEHHHHH look at all the coach you grabbed! my gawd!!! that cheap is it? (MSN me the prices lol, me curious berhabis!). hey, this added to my jealousy dy. cis.

Alvin Lim said...

yeah, coach bags are cheap in US. same one can be x2 or x3 more expensive in Malaysia. er, not that i do any research la. my sis told me. hahaha.

anyway, the white 1 is nice. the small purse looks like...erm...typical coach lo. ok la, but too obvious it's coach :P

sooclara said...

mei wah : very cheap one! hehehe!! dun reli rmb the price ady!

alvin : thank you for answering my question. in fact the white 1 is mine..hahaha!

Sherry said...

haha.. so nice in Chicago never been there.

Sherry said...

agree everything expensive in malaysia.. hiya.. why ah..

you buy thing there cheap can tumpang la...

oh I am new follower :)