06 April 2008

Frequent power-cut

Disclaimer : I am political neutral with no intention of discriminating and does not endorse any political party.

My topic says it all. I must say the frequent power cut this week in KK has created much havoc to the people around here, either you're at work, on the streets, at home ... almost everywhere. Without energy, we could hardly do our work (I know some staffs will be cheering because they get to rest, nature call!), traffic lights isn't working and all vehicles go their way especially during the peak hours and those that are at home, got stuck for the entire day!

If you put notice in this case, it happens every 5 years - if you're relating this to the election; after the government formation, I may probably say you are right. I am not trying to discriminate any parties neither pin point the faults, but isn't it true?

1. A way to tell the citizen of how important to vote the government in power
Opposition won quite a number of seats. So BN are not happy about it, and there you go POWER CUT because you are not voting the right government. But hey, it's democratic, we have our choice.

2. Serves you right
A lesson for the citizen to learn and realizing that BN should be ruling all over the nations. Giving you the mind set of "You vote BN, there won't be power cut"

I only highlighted two points, am not going any further. Even I'm not legal to vote yet, but it's free speech. I just find frequent power cut really annoying and frustrating when you reach the boiling point to the edge of turning hysterical. Did I exaggerate? You get my point if you are feeling the same.

I hate this - the power just got cut off for hours when you're sleeping. Are you furious? Sweating when you're trying to get a good rest to recharge your batteries for some important events to attend or things to do.

.Hot Hot Hot.

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