08 April 2008

MDG updates

Malaysian Dreamgirl is coming to an end soon...pretty soon! I'm just like you, anxious who's gonna grab that title or you may have guess who's the one. Honestly, I'm not crazy about MDG, I just watch when I felt like watching.

What it's so special about this show I see are...

1. Multi racial
They are all one identity, Malaysians, but comes in different colours.

2. Multi Languages
Yes, you may expect this from the start. English, Malay...but no chinese in fact, because only the Chinese would understand. The identity of Malaysians is of course the Manglish with all the lah... bah... kan... at the end of their sentence.

On top of that, when you know the place is all girls, the major issue of bitchyness, gossips somehow or rather will occurred. Many are judging Cindy being bitchy from the show... while some says Ringo is popular because she is a well known blogger in the blogger community...on the other hand, Adeline has a very bad English...you know stuffs like that.

What I felt about some girls in the show...

Start of with Hanis - the youngest in the show. She has the height for the show but I don't know, I just don't see her personality to be appealing. Her face is innocent and she is the kind of girl that guys wants to bring home to show their parents. From the start, I see her being herself which I think it isn't enough for her to win the tiara.

Cindy. She has the softness in her appearance...I like her make over; short hair, it suits her. Guys would lose their breathe once and many girls would jealous of her supernatural power in attracting man. Hehe!

Ringo. I see she looks very different in video and in pictures. Since the beginning, she has the highest vote until now.

Sabahan, Valerie... she has been voted out! Too bad...

Now that's the thing. I don't know why reality shows depend all on audience votes nowadays, giving me a point of view that judges are not judges anymore. They are just people whom appear in the show for the sake to appear or either in order to look good for the whole scene for the overall show, the judges are needed. I believed there are a number of Malaysians whom didn't agree with the voting system as the judging poll too, controversy...but still it continues to be practiced. *sigh*

.The Asians aroma.

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