10 April 2008

Cloudy Thursday


While waiting for my gmail to load, I wondered would I received any emails (other than forwarded ones).

To my surprise, none forwarded, but 8 emails I need to reply today. hhmm, sounds good..cheh! As if those are biz emails. I hope it was, but it wasn't. Too bad!

Recently, I'm in hibernation mode all the time and I don't find myself sleeping enough although I slept like almost 10hours a day! When the get up hour strike, I find difficulties in opening my eyes when I'm supposed too *start hitting the pillows and bolster*. Really physically tired, not that I did any outdoor activities or many movements in a day. *sigh*

Thought of jogging later, but the sky is getting dark by then I think the weather doesn't allow. (When I'm determine to do something out of my daily routine, there goes the NO word) WHY?! why today? Oh ya, I also thought of joining a dancing class too..you know..get yourself do something rather than slacking off, however I don't seem to find one.

I shouldn't go any longer feeling like this.


It seems like I diagnosed that mentally illness right now. I told my sister about it, she said me being stupid. Okay, it's not funny. According to Oprah show, one of the symptoms is you keep telling yourself "I want a happy life", "I don't want to be like this anymore", "It's time to make a change" blabla...Yes, I've been saying some sort of this phrases to myself. My sister hit me hard replying " You say that to motivate yourself. You are not depress. People that diagnosed depression has that urge feeling in every second. "

What's more, when I don't even have the appetite to have lunch. It always LUNCH. Never breakfast, dinner or supper. Just lunch alone. WEIRDDDD!! Maybe it's the depression at the first stage. Does people admit themselves being depression or deny the fact their weren't?

Haha! I might be blabbing only. Don't mind me please. ;)

0o0o...I've been regularly patronizing Bintang-ringgit (Starbucks). Peer pressure! "Let's meet up, Starbucks" What is so nice that everyone is dire for it? I'm so insufficient, you know jobless for 4months!!..yes freaking 4 months!! You didn't read wrongly!! Alas, I'm always blessed! "You can count on me"

I shall end my post with happy pictures of me. My friend just bought a new mobile phone, so she thought of trying out the megapixels and there you go...

.Please don't rain!.

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Brenda said...

ya allah, bergambar dengan lampu pun so damn happy. haih, u look damn funny okay wtf.