20 April 2008

that guy

This post is actually for youthmalaysia forum - What happened to all the Good guys?where? - which I was required to write, anyway, I post here again. Myriad people have been asking why I'm not attached yet, well, this might give you a slight answer of it.

The moment he walked in, he was late. A typical Chinese look, I glanced at him, our eyes met. Apart the 8 feet distance, he smiled, without hesitation I responded as well. =)

I couldn't say he was good looking or eye catching...in fact, I also can't deny he was the best guys among the others in the hall. I gave him a credit, he was in his best suit, tall (an average height) with eerr...not a tough body but at least ..*trails off*, leave this, I just can't find a word to describe right now. I can't resist it to see guys in formal wear, I just love seeing them! seriouslyyyyy..

Imagine the guy's face is Chinese features. Whoever this guy is, look good, even without tugging in...

We started with an ice breaker before moving in to the real purpose for the day. Everyone had to speak in front in order to get everything flowed in naturally. About an hour or so, it was tea break, he came over and asked me about the ice breaker thingy, which I told a lie (the ice breaker required us to lie) of myself. Just a short talk and I gave him a credit point because he'd actually speak quite well English; added up 2 credits.

Then during the lunch session, we sitted on a round table, opposite each other. I caught him looking at me several times, well instantly brought up my market value right?? LOL!! At least, I knew someone does sneak me with the corner of their eyes.

mmm...mmm...somewhere in the midst of our time enjoying mouth-watering food, I found out he was a son to a factory boss. Initially, you'd know he is in a good financial status and worked under his father in that factory.( The factory is known among people anyway...so I knew) Who doesn't want to be in a financial secured position - not in materialistic perspective I mean but in this world, money is indeed important and plays a role in our daily lives now. You tell me? right? right? Another credit again!

He isn't bad looking. Check!

He can speak well, leads to communication. Check!

He had a good job, financial secured status. -knowing you won't eat grass and stones. Ahahahha! Check!

All sum up to 3 credits.

Just as I thought he won the credits, one question brought him down under! I completely wasn't up and about anymore on him.

A middle aged man sitting together with us at the table questioned him,

"Hey, Mr. Ron, are you single?" (I changed his name for privacy purpose)

Everyone at the table focus at him, so do I. He took the mini chinese cup to gulp down the fine rated chinese tea from China. Before and while gulping it, his eyes were looking into mine. Just as he took the mini chinese cup...the same man responded

"Ooohh...I saw that"

He silently smiled and a mother of two answered,

"It doesn't mean anything. Even I don't have it around my finger"

diamond not big enough right?! *I want a bigger one okay*

The others went with the conversation of how the ring weren't attached on their fingers. Not interested to look at him anymore, I pretended to continue eating the little portion of rice left in my bowl. What do you want me to do? Continue to stare at him?

(Now I wonder again, what's wrong if men which are not available anymore, doesn't even dare to answer that particular question.)

Looked, I gave him credits because he appeared as "One of the good guys"...now all gone once I knew he isn't available anymore; not caring whether he is engaged or married or whatever, is just I was immediately not into getting to know him already.



.that guy.yes.him.

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