17 April 2008

The UMS student news

In my previous post which I warned people about the missing of UMS student is indeed a true story. The sms wasn't a prank which I thought it was at first.

In my chat box on the side, someone by the name of elf left a message.

Hi there, the lady is now in Keningau Hospital recovering. Last heard kidnapper car met accident. Her frens are with her now.

Before I saw this message, I heard some rumours that she is dead. dailyexpress.com, alas no news. Maybe later in the morning.

Here you go the news update! You know news like this gets me goosebumps, not me alone I believe! Another suspect is still somewhere mingling. OMG!

.brain shuts down.


Brenda said...

takut bah takut tapi masih pigi lido during wee hours of midnight. haih. when hunger strikes, any other danger is forgotten.

sooclara said...

nahh..tau pun! main paksa wanna go some moreeeeeeee!!