22 April 2008

The Forbidden Kingdom

I hardly could recall the last I watched a movie in the cinema. I guessed, it was last year; Mr.Bean, that's it. I was out yesterday for a purpose(let me think about it should I disclose in later post), did a little work however the unpropitious weather doesn't allow things to go on, watching a movie was an alternative then.

The Forbidden Kingdom

So The Forbidden Kingdom was suggested. Hey, I didn't hear that movie any where? What's about it? I'm not into movies at all, you know...is just not a-really-thing-I-want-to-know that kind of stuff. Unless, people all around yanking about a particular movie, highly recommended...and blabla, I might watch it though.

In this case, Jackie Chan is one of the starring. Without second thought, I agreed with the next thing to do. I'm an amateur of Jackie Chan anyway; his movies never failed me and worth watching after all.

Jackie Chan as the drunken master, he is real good regardless his age

The kick start wasn't convincing. But as it entered to the 15minutes, the movie revealed its quality after the introduction. The movie were filmed in Gobi Desert, China. To be frank, some of the landscapes in the movie seemed fake to me especially the majestic mountains.

Gobi Desert, China

What should you expect from the movie? Well, this movie is about a legend; Monkey King. An American teenage, (Micheal Anthony as Jason) were magically transported to China, back to the ancient times and met the heroes. Its a little odd to see them dressed in ancient clothes but speak English.

Besides that, there were many flying martial arts which the heroes fought with their enemies. Of course, the kung-fu is the prominent part of the intact movie. On top of that, it required much of your imagination. Nonetheless, in any kind of Jackie's movie, there's always some sense of humour to release your tense and anxious when you keep on insisting, what happen next.

This sweet lady; Liu Yi Fei starring as the Golden Sparrow grabbed my attention. Who's this lady? I never see her before? Just as I reached home, immediately I goggle her name to check on her. Her features really caught my interest, maybe because Asian bahhh. She is one year older than me...wahhh...! That even prompted me to know more.

LENGGG!! and JENG!!!

I was damn interested with her yet every
angles of her in the movie were so perfect which there weren't even a hitch I'd condemned.How I wished, Jackie could spot me somewhere and call for an acting scene. Later than, I'd appear to be extreme cool in kung-fu which in real life I don't master any at all. At least, I'm good in acting rather than singing..maybe not, I can't sing any bit or maybe...dancing, like I know how to dance. WHATEVER! Catch the ending part, she emerged so stunning. And I'm quite sure she'll be famous after this movie and maybe be the next Zhang Zi Yi.

Zhang Zi Yi during an award night

I doubted whether anyone would continue to mold and market her in order to become more popular in the filming industry. Just a matter of time and money.

Left - Liu Yi Fei Right - Zhang Zi Yi (Memoirs of Geisha)

Personally, I'd rate this movie 7.5 out of 10. Despite it was quite a late show, 9pm to old people, it wasn't a blockade to them. I saw a few "ah kongs" and "ah mahs", in slow pace, whoring warm clothes with handkerchief and mineral bottle in hand trying to make their way out from cinema. No joke! It's all because of Jackie Chan's movie....they sacrificed their sleeping time mannn...can you imagine that, to stay up late? How great influencer is he to both the youngs and olds?!

Have been talking too much I know...*yawn* Let the trailer bring an overview to you.


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