27 April 2008

Little bitsy of KK city tour

**One of my friend told me that I expressed myself better in words than the real me. Do I? All this while, I thought I'm better in expression; sad, happy, dramatic, scared, horrific, let's just say all. And I still think and feel I am. What do you think?**

Aha...this post is about a little part of KK city tour. I'll just let the pictures to do most of the talking on behalf of me. Don't worry, the licensed tour guides will do their job well when you purchase a KK city tour package but not me for the moment because I'm still incompetent. *oouucchh*

By the way, please forgive me on some blur pictures later on because I took them while I was in the car, moving. When I came home, I only realized I didn't get to take much. So, I actually provide you the chance to visit my hometown and see it on your own. Don't I? Hehehe ;)

When you're driving up Northeast - Likas Bay, this is what you get to see. This sea is South China Sea, I'm not kidding. People do picnic here! There are stalls; Anjung Selera, to be found when you're about to reach the end of Likas Bay road, selling Malay local food.

Isn't the sky very blue with snow white clouds?

It's a very long stretch of straight road. Palm trees and colourful plants to ease your eyes along the way.

Half way up to the Northeast, you'll reach a roundabout, nicely landscaped. Surely you're able to pose for a few pictures here - unless your tour guide is kind enough to have a stop by. But do they? hmph, I don't think so, too many cars. Spot the small mosque on your right?

It's not small. It's not big either.

Likas Mosque

I took this at the other side of the road, so isn't that big. Should be recognized as the most beautiful architecture mosque where by it is surrounded by water - man-made lagoon/lake. Sort of like the mosque floating above water.

This is the swarm area. Is that what they called? Am not sure. If you're lucky, you're able to see Bangau (a kind of bird) mingling at the swarm, taking their sweet time, showering. Hehe, as if I know they shower or play water.

Magnificent sunset during the early evening - 5.30 pm local time

If you're visiting around this hour, you shouldn't miss this amazing part of the nature call. Albeit how you hated the SUN during the blazing hot day, when it comes to sunset you simply will love it! You barely can resist the soothing scene. I guarantee!!

Tun Mustapha Building

Formerly, it was known as Yayasan Sabah. Few years back, its name changed to Tun Mustapha Building. If you come across the name of Sabah State Foundation building, it is also referring to this. So many names huh? It is a striking landmark which can be seen for miles around. Go back to picture no.1, on your very left center, it's the building.

What's so special about this building? Erm, the tallest building in Sabah and housed a revolving restaurant; Atmosphere. You can have a whole view of Kota Kinabalu in an hour - I bet you'll dine longer than that. Anyone wanna date me?

This is just a little bitsy part of the tour, at least before you step your foot in KK, I've already given you some pleasure sight. Anyway, hope you did enjoy traveling in my blog with just using your mouse. :D

.Great weather.


Hin Ching said...

Didn't realise you are from KK as well. Anyway–I practically use this route everyday on my way to work. It's more of a wetland than a swamp referring to the 'swamp' area you blogged about. :)

sooclara said...

hi hin ching!

some say swamp, some say wetland. i think both applies..hehe! =)

aiks, i only realized, i spelled wrongly.sorry! thanks for your comment anyway.

good day!