29 April 2008

Take a break

You need a break? Get a Kit Kat! Hahaha... That's KitKat chocolate advertisement. No Kit Kat?

This what I could help you for now =)

I'm currently in love with this song - super piano version. I know it's very Jiwang!!! But I love the chronology of the song from the opening until it reaches the climax. In between, the drum will blend in to make the beat stronger with bass. Really nice especially when you're on bed, shutting your eyes to catch the forty night winks.

If you're loaded with works in front of you, feeling pressure, this might help you slow things down a little for a moment.

I think songs like this utterly portray melancholy category people well.


Don't whisper
I didn't want to hear
Save it for someone else
Not yesterday, not today, not anymore
Hide under my pillow
Head spinning, nothing come to real for now
Not even before
Fool, maybe, stupid, maybe
Please return me my soul...

whoosshh!! It goes so smooth in a matter of minutes - (aa,bb,cc,bb) . Does this means I'm melancholy? I remembered I was Popular Sanguine 2 years ago. I changed?

2 years ago - Candid. In KLIA.

:: Sweet dreams ::


cAthcAth said...

no changes at all after 2 yrs. still tat skinny.haha

sooclara said...

fine, i admit! I AM SKINNY! muahahaha =p