02 May 2008

One Borneo & GJ's

One Borneo

... the upcoming shopping mall in KK or probably the largest in East Malaysia.

Not strategically located in the heart of city, a little outskirt, just like Midvalley. Still people patron, don't they? Soon to be an icon for Sabah as the largest lifestyle hypermall.

It is expected to be completed in the first quarter in 2008, we will see. I had to cross 1 Borneo even when it's not ready, in order to get to GJ which is inside 1 Borneo. Snapped a few pictures to have a look on how was it now.

This should be the South Court if I get my compass right

I might get lost inside..one...one day...

There will be a lot of branded stores like MNG, Nike, Calvin Klien, Guess ... etc. Not worrying of what to buy, but worrying of not having much to buy :S Looking at poster like this, more than enough to seduce your purse alreadyyy!!!

Everything of what girl's vulnerable for ($_$)

Center Court, The Hall.

It's very dusty inside and don't walk alone; renovations are taking place. I was almost sophisticated to death; dust captured and flying inside the building like nobody's business. For security purposes, I needed to wear a tag after signing my name in a notebook.

Worker's Pass?? So blurry lah the management, I am a Visitor lah wei !!

Finally, reached Gloria Jean's. No signature board up at the shop, so random ... only a stall like this...

They only owned this small space for business

Side orders

and 3 small tables...that's it! So disappointed, I thought GJ's has its own standard renovated shop. The main reason I came all the way here was to taste GJ's.

Buy 1 get 1 Free

Promotion drinks since they just opened their door in KK. It's very lousy lahhh, the moment I stepped in the no-mood button promptly turned on...

At least there was this promotion to patch up the remorsefulness. Some drinks aren't available though, forgive them, it's just a stall by the hotel side (I'll make an entry) anyway, can't expect much moreover in KK... KK always don't have this and that, if you're really particular on something.

Hot Coffe Mocha RM 7 - regular

Cookies n' Cream RM 11.50 - regular

Very Vanilla Chiller Rm 11.50 - regular

Forget to take Iced Latte..anyway, nothing special because it is Coffee with ice cubes. The prices aren't cheaper either, but I really don't find these drinks were satisfying my throat, my stomach, absolutely nothing so sad to say let alone the ice made me felt comfortable with the hot weather.

Almost as pricey as Starbucks and Coffee Bean, hence you paid for something worth and maximum satisfaction consumption. I don't feel the trill down my throat when I was sipping the drinks. Each sips brought me the fact that GJ's is not nice, no next time.

This sandwich so small piece...can make it on my own though

now I knew how it tasted like. Once when I was still a teen (14years) walking down the street of Bukit Bintang, seeing the long queue in GJ's shop, I went "What's that shop, so many people!!!" and walked away as I was still young didn't have the interested of getting to know what it was anyway.

And that long queue was all about what I consumed after 6 years? Really shocked myself out of the elongated memory...no wonder it was closed down. (If only I wasn't mistaken the one in Bukit Bintang Street)

.reveal after 6years long ah mehhh.

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