03 May 2008

Unexplainable Dream

I didn't know who was he and how did I ended up sitting beside him in his car. He was someone whom I like to be friend with, as if we've been friends for some time.

It was during the day time, the sun was screaming it's power heat to the earth, he was sending me home.

Me : hey, just turn in here, it's faster.

(He purposely slipped pass the junction)

Him : ooppss... I missed! Sorry! Nevermind, I'll take the longer route so that I chat more with you.

(I looked at him; no words came from my mouth and he smiled inadequately. My instincts told me it is not a bad intention. I slowly turned my gaze to the window, putting one arm on the door compartment, looking at the trees as the car goes by.)

Him : So, tell me what had happened to you?

Me : huh? What do you mean what had happened?

Him : You look so normal every time, but I know there's something in the past has been bugging you.

Me : nahh...there isn't anything. No worries.

Him : You can tell me, I will help you...

(I shyly smiled because I didn't want to argue with a middle-aged man, whom I respect.)

Him : Actually, if it's not of that mail, I wouldn't know.

(My mind started racing. What mail??!!)

Him : The e-mail wasn't for me I supposed, but I'm sure you send to the wrong address and it gotten to my inbox.

(Long pause of SILENCE.)

He patted my right shoulder within seconds liquid formed in my cornea, traveled down my cheeks until my chin and like a snail pace, it dripped to my blouse. For I knew then, it was tears. Not a single word could be heard, but hiccups and sustaining the flu in my nose due to the cry came unambiguous.

That moment, I frightened myself up from the scene.

"Ohh, it was just a dream."


Trying to fall asleep again, my mind work a bit but drowse off after half an hour or so. The next morning, I woke up, still slightly figuring out the dream whether it's for real. No, it didn't happen. In order to make sure, double confirm, I clicked the "Sent Mail" icon, to check any wrong emails to the wrong person. No, there's none. SAFE!

My concerned is who is this middle-aged man that captured my emotions in a slight second? err...Maybe not...but...but...the huge question mark is what is that had been bugging. No sights that brings explanation nor connection to the dream with my life.

Is that just a dream? So simple?



Mei Wah said...

huh? i was quite shocked when i read your dialogue... you described it like so real!!! hmm, dreams mean something, but i don't think that the middle-aged men mean that you will be with a middle-aged man as your lifetime partner... maybe it means something else!

sooclara said...

mei wah : the thing that I care much is what is the past had been bugging me!!??!! argghh..couldn't figure it out.