05 May 2008

Tune Hotel.com

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As promised, I will talk big
about Tune Hotel.

Strictly not for business travelers or luxury worshiper but it is definitely good bargain for the budget travelers whom doesn't want to spend much on accommodation. Bear in mind, there isn't any shampoo and towels provided. Room per night can go as low as RM 9.99, what do you expect? Even when, you've to pay for the electricity!

So this is the lobby with 3 sofas and 1 coffee table. The table and chairs in brown are belongs to Gloria Jean's. Inside Tune Hotel, there are 7-11, Nelson's and GJ's. It'd be the strategy to low down the cost of rental having sharing with the others yet convenient for us to purchase anything we needed during the wee hours.

Reception counter. Saw the man with his notebook? I supposed that's the manager on duty for the day. You see, so
stingy save cost until the manager had to stand while doing his work. After tired of standing, I saw him sitting at the sofa when there's no customers. Nowadays, super duper hard to earn a living, bread and butter only. Don't say living yet, just focus on food alone. *sigh*

My first time seeing hotels corridor ... like jails!! All painted in red colour. Very fierce colour but for Chinese means wealth. No wonder they earned non-stop. For your information, if you didn't know, Tune Hotel, Air Asia and Tune Card are under satu suara, satu peniaga. ( one management )

I went to kepoh the room, if not, then where will this post come from? Thank me later! Hehe!!

Big enough for business? ehh..sleeping bah , I meant.

Looks comforty. Didn't jump or sit on it. People like me being train, can't act like sakai. Because last time when I was studying, we'd hotel inspection. Like any other uncivilized one, we like to sit and jump jump a little bit, as if wanna try the bed's comfortness hence everyone was warned.

Shower. Not enough space to play kung-fu (martial arts)

Small sink for wash up

Not even enough to put your clothes by the side. The dustbin also cheap one, normal plastic one. This is low cost bahhh!!

Do your small and big business here. I think the toilet bowl is standard, at least can fit your ass right?? They won't make it smaller or just a small hole. Not until that situation.

By the bed side, still got safety box ehhh. Can put your jewelery, passport, money...anything that is valuable. *DUH* I once, locked a pack of Famous Amos cookies inside, when I was young, my brother affright me he'd eat up all my cookies, so quickly punched the numbers and totally forgot the code when I wanted to open. I was SO STUPID!!! *Laugh out LOUD!!*

A LCD tv, not big not small ... with my sense, maybe around 19 inches more or less like my monitor screen.

Lobby from upper look

Really low cost lehhh??? But it's cheap if you figure it out. All you need to do is make your reservations online for good prices. Tune Hotel for now is brochure-less, flyer-less basically paperless, everything go through the internet. If you didn't make any prior bookings, I don't think you'll get a good one.

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Mei Wah said...

wow... good one clara! the next time i go to KK, i will stay at tune hotel for sure... damn cheap leh! plus it is new... sure less hantu wan... and the corridor is painted red, sure hantu pun takut... better be painted in blazing red, rather than dark dark alley... lagi takut bah~~~ (=___=)

sooclara said...

LOL..ya bah its all red..only left alone the ceiling and floor! :) hahaa