07 May 2008

Sin Wang Hong Kong Restaurant at Warisan Square

I'm sure not many people came to know this restaurant, it is because the sign board is not up yet on the restaurant. But you may heard "Wong Kok Char Chan Teng" right? Actually the restaurant has changed to Sin Wang Hong Kong Restaurant already.

The food I've tried really suit Malaysians taste. Don't know how to describe but the savor which we relish, I said this because I fond them. Maybe, even if you're not Chinese, you'll find the bread and drinks to be yummylicious!

Menu with English description (yea..for people like me BANANA! face completely chopped Chinese but completely don't know how to read!!)

It's difficult to describe. Food as always, you've to taste it on your own~ My saliva is starting to drip again when I'm blogging this!! arrgghh...suka makan, tapi badan masih kurus (love to eat but still skinny!!)

Especially in Hong Kong style restaurant, I discovered their specialty is Cheese Baked rice for heavy meal while French Toast (I love it) for tea time. Absolutely a must to order!!

French Toast RM 4.90

Nahh...this is the one. Perfectly for peanut butter Lovers! I rate 4.5 stars out of 5. Look so normal but once you cut it, the peanut butter flow like waterfall!

Thick Bread top with Chicken Floss and Mayonnaise

You might go... EEWWW!! with all the toppings on the thick bread. Don't fly your white flag first. The bread alone is enough softy plus the chicken floss to bring the combination of little sweetness added with mayonnaise to creep in a pinch of sour feel.

Baked Cheese Chicken RM 6.90

Another weird order again...?? Hehe...Completely tantalizing chicken!! :D First they deep fried the chicken then become chicken chop. After that, put the cheese and barbieQ sauce on top of the chicken to baked. People whom love deep fried chicken and cheese, don't miss this!!

Direct translation from Chinese, it's stoking hot milky tea

I don't remember the exact name. Come in a big cup, can share among two. In Hong Kong style restaurant, their specialty beverage is Yin Yong - tea mix with coffee. IIshhh... I'm like introducing famous orders in HK style restaurant...

The open appetite food I've introduced not cheap either horrr??? But normally those are cost around this range of price. Don't forget you're also paying for ...

Clealiness ... rated A !!! Wahh...very clean. As well as...

Settings...the air-conditioner, the yellow light...see so nice. :)) It's included in your bill.

I'm hungry now!! Help...it's 12.39am! I don't wanna eat maggi!! muahahaha



cAth said...

ui moi apasal u so free to blog..think de sparkling stuff 1st la..lol

Mei Wah said...

huh? wong kok closed already? aiks... i never enter wong kok before in warisan square. the place i loved most will be yogur berry!!! is it still there? oooo... i miss yogur berry!

sooclara said...

cath : cannot neglect also bahh...apa macam the name?

mei wah : closed liao..now new one, also not bad! :) yogurberry is still there...our date would be there okay? Bila? Bila?