12 April 2008

Free McDonalds

Aiyah...that Ronald McDonalds scared me off with his clown face. I dropped off from my chair. Wait...let me climb up and sit properly first! ;)

I'm very pity over Sabahans; having no standard McDonald meals here. I'd stayed in Selangor for about 2 years and had tasted McDonald there, really huge difference with the one serving in KK. Over the East, we are paying more for the meals yet no re-fill for our drinks. (Anyway, I understand this, in KK alone they don't have enough volume, so if they give re-fill, they might come to a lost.)

Basically in KK, we only have one 24-hours and one drive-thru. We have both of these not long ago, just a few years back, I think. Wherever you go, any corner of the world, you'd find McDonald with people dining in, even if it's bad.

For the one in KK

... the beef isn't juicy and tender

... lousy service

but there's only two things which are best

....the fries and

....Oreo McFlurry

Since I was back, I had only dine twice; one breakfast and one supper. Both turn out to be a disaster. And because of that two unsatisfied meals, I made a complaint. Real serious one - the food and the service. I actually anticipate in future they will serve us better here. We just hope okay....(Maybe if you haven't taste the one in the West, you wouldn't get what I meant, it's alright because last time before I ate in the West, I really freaking like McD here mannn...hahahaha)

I wrote the complaint letter...very long...more than an A4 size paper, what do you think? If there's a competition, I guarantee, I'd win first prize...oklah, maybe not first prize..at least consolation lahhh...

Indeed two days later, the manager called me up and apologize. He actually went through the CCTV and what I complaint were true....so true that the manager said he saw my face at the CCTV when he replay, I know you were pissed liao...yet the staff on duty still laughing at the counter like nobody business.
See See...it's so obvious.. I wondered whether the staff, himself knew there's a CCTV there or not, still dare to fool around.

That's the thing in KK, people don't complain legally. They just walked off and start telling their friends, relatives...practically anyone they know. Little did they know they have the right to complaint or they're just lazy to do so. In fact, I urge the people to voice out, you've the right, if you don't, they wouldn't have known their weaknesses.

....But make sure it's true then you complaint, don't simply complaint just to get what you've expect they'd give you. Just like my case, they've CCTV, so if I'm telling a lie they'd have know it.

In return, they repay me with free meals, yes in McD of course. This is my first time doing like that okay, I don't have experience like some people they really argue until heavy rain pour down, until thunder come just to deserve what their supposed too. I didn't say they're wrong but it depends on individual whether they want it or not.

Rather than making a scene in McD counter, I chose to complaint in writing format. Ya lah ya
lah... I admit I am a mouse...

McFlurry, want some?

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