27 January 2008

On Air

If you were listening to Radio Sabah last Friday, the trying-to-sound-enthusiastic voice was me! YES, IT WAS ME!!!  I didn’t know that I was going to do something in open like everyone is going to hear my voice...it was my very first time experience on air, speaking, laughing, joking ~ ALL ALONE!!

It all started when I was looking for a former DJ and he introduced me to Ms. Viola, the producer. So, that’s how I came about to know the Guest DJ show and gave it a try. Thank you Ms. Viola for the invitation, if not I wouldn’t have the chance though! Well, have been hearing her voice for many years but didn’t see her before until that dayyy. She was warm and comfortable; it actually made me a little at ease although there was still nervousness.

Ms.Viola & I

When I entered the broadcasting room, my mind just went blank! Okay, it’s the time now, Sabahans are going to listen to me tonight from here! All I needed to do was to speak through the microphone and prepared the songs to play. Eemm, seemed easy right? Yeah, its really easy but….the major thing was how am I going to entertain the listeners out there to tune in? would they even understand what am I talking about? Do they get my joke?! DARN! I was so nervous~ It’s a natural thing I know but the nervousness always bring me down under..geezzz I hate that feeling.

Ready “a signal given to me* okay your turned to speak. Nevertheless, voice still came out from my mouth! Thank goodness! Haha! Well, I hope the songs were all right for that night because the songs I chosen earlier on cannot be played with my CD. Yeah, another factor that made me more tense!

Overall, not bad~ I get the chance to go on air, get a glimpse of the office, the broadcasting room, the walkway, the corridor…the clock..Laugh Out Loud! Alright, nothing to be excited. Where on earth do you get such thing : experience + fun + being paid?!!! Here it is SABAH V FM~~

Oh la la
Clara Soo


Adele said...

wow... u get to be on air! so cool! hehe... anyway.. yeah im going back to KL after CNY

sooclara said...

hi adele! thks 4 ur comment! :)
not going back for the time being..if everything runs smoothly, then im not goin bak..haha! so u will b leaving afta cny rite?!

mapsey doodles said...

ahhh too bad idin kno, i want to listen!