30 January 2008

Nathanael and Leanne

--I listened to my recording on air, it didn't sound much like me. There were some words I hitched and my script changed here and there because I can't relate the songs as there were unavailable. *sigh* --

My first time attending a Bishop’s son wedding in church. I didn’t know the bride and the groom in person but I just wanted to see another kind of wedding in church as it was a bishop’s son. When I said Bishop’s son wedding, you initially thought of a solemnise and traditional wedding right? I cannot find a word to describe this wedding. Part of it, yes it started of with the solemnise and the traditional way – the father handing over the daughter, the exchange of vows, rings, and two became one. Well, it is the usual way. I only find out that no photo taking during the solemnization, only official photographers were allowed. Back in my parents period, even official photographers were not allowed!!

Singapore style of weddings - the maid of honour and bridesmaid would have the walk of fame first. Then came the bride with daddyyy...

The last bit, strikes me!

The bride dancing all the way out of the church with the groom allowing her to make her turns round and round…wowwwww~~!! A new style of concluding a wedding ceremony in church. GREAT! Does it appear to be different to you? It was to me because typically the bride and groom would have their hands tied together, walking in a slow pace with the wedding anthem blasting on the speakers. Seriously, when the bride was dancing her way out, everyone had no idea what was she doing and what it was all about. No one made a move, everyone was stunned watching them. Not until, the families stood up and started giving them applause.

I heard from a friend, that the groom was a MURDERER during high school. Do you know how serious it can be?!!

MURDERER…he killed many many girls with his SMART-GENTLE-HANDSOME look. Now this lady won the victory, defeating all the ladies whom adore and admire him.

The bride was thirsty ... also holding the bottle indication of Obor-obor

The message was by a man, not sure whether he is a pastor; explaining the preparations of the wedding. Really a lot of work to be done just for this particular day! Imagine, the groom migrated and stays in Sydney, Australia and the bride in Singapore but they held their wedding in Kota Kinabalu because the groom’s relatives are more here. You could know fixing a date for a wedding, the air fare and get the best man and bridesmaid to be in Kota Kinabalu are enough to crack your head! These lead me to sense … the up-coming weddings in future that I would surely be involved – my brother’s, my sister’s, my close cousins, my close friends and








Alright, I shall stop here and let the thinking laid behind~~

Congratz to the newly wed couples
Clara Soo

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