19 August 2009

Adverts to have a Peek

Advertisement are now an entertainment too. Not just serves as an advert to up sell but also as information & a good laugh.

During my visit in Chicago, I came across few advertisement that caught my interest. Err, adverts that I would stopped to have a second look. Something interesting to show you :)

We watched very much Hollywood movies in Malaysia right? And sometimes I watched some movie they had this baseball match - Chicago Cubs. Men & lady will bring around a basket vending hot dogs everywhere in the stadium.

I tried to search for better picture but I can't. *sigh* The picture above also gives you the idea, just refreshed through some of the movies you had seen before. Chicago Cubs is the favourite & very much of the Chicagoans interest. With that, they came with an official Hot Dog called Ball Park.

A tickle advert from Boston Market.
Does that mean I slow down my brain will not freeze?

Slow down to dine in Boston Market is it? ($.$)

Americans encourage their citizens by taking public transportation in whatever means by equipping the facilities, convenience, reasonable fare and covering most of the major & minor places. This is why they are brave enough to have such advert like this one.

You will never see such advert in Malaysia ok!? Because facilities are insufficient like in US, the bicycle & handicapped are convenient to take a bus anytime & anywhere. One thing for sure, they covered up most of the major & minor places.

What about this one?

Twins club also exist for community. HOHO! Do we have such club? or maybe babysitter club? I can't imagine what does the club serves for. How to identified twins either How am I suppose to act opposite with my twin? Roffllllll......
So don't be surprise, I am sure there are Gay or Lesbian club around.

Now Starbucks turn.

Will you compromise? Very straight forward, either you take it or leave it.

I am leaving it ... because I get bored almost drinking it everyday. And got myself Arizona Iced Lemon Tea. Nutrient Fact : 0% of protein/vitamin/nutrious. Nothing to complaint anyway because it was just 0.99cent with 500ml. What do you expect?

muahahahha...Okay at least I enjoy laughing a bit today! Or maybe just a smile will do for me & you.

Goodnight peeps! (0.0)

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