30 August 2009

Postcard Delivery

It is very hard to blog when I am working almost everyday except Sundays! I got so upset about it leaving my blog all alone for quite sometime. *sigh* I am sorry peeps, I really tried my best to workout some time to at least say a few words in a week okay? :) Please bear with me.

Today, I have to thank one of my loyal reader, The Dreamer for sending me a postcard bought from down under, wei, Australia okay don't think so far! LOL! :D He is one of my reader that I never meet before yet we have been communicating for quite a while. And so, he was away for biz a few weeks in Australia and promised me to send a postcard.

Sunrise at The Opera House

This piece of hard card arrived about 2 weeks later after The Dreamer send it to me! Can you believe? 2 weeks long! In my mind, I thought this guy might cheated me by saying he had already sent but in real fact, he did not send or either not even bought the postcard! ahahhahahahhaah!! That was an evil thought for a second but the next second I know you wouldn't be so cruel right? ahahahah!!

Last Wednesday, I came home from work, my mum told me I had a postcard. And I knew you will surely be The Dreamer.

He calls me little girl...off no where! Maybe because of my age is so much younger than him? Or either my uploaded photos in blog really portray the image of a little girl.

Arigato gozaimashita! :D


Mei-Wah said...

Shiok habis got postcard from friends! :) Like the good ol' days: pen pals, stamps, postcards, writings etc instead of email, facebook! Haha~ :)

Alvin Lim said...

er..kinda weird when u r commenting on the thing i sent :| i seriously tot the postcard has gone missing. and pls la, i'm very honest 1 ok. i don tipu people 1 ok, except maybe my bosses la.

anyway, glad u like it. hahaha. and yeah, our age very big difference wat. :|

nxt time if i happen to go elsewhere, i will try to get a postcard for u also la :)

sooclara said...

mei wah : yeah, now ppl dont send postcard lah..only email & fb all the time. I think this habit is great because the memories able to keep.

alvin : thanks alot! by the postcard u send 2 me...well, i target myself will be there again soon ;) one day! I was there is like 13 years ago! wtf..

bong said...

good one... its nice to get a postcard once in a while... postcards are so sacred these days...