10 February 2010

Taiwan Day 3

Day 3 Itinerary : Guanghua Street, Breeze Mall & Night market (Taipower Building station)

I forget the night market name! *sigh* Too many night markets we went! I only remember those popular ones.

Anyway, it is at the Taipower Building station ;) Easy! Just get down and you can see the night market already.

After the 1st & 2nd day, 3rd day seems to be very relaxing.

We went back to Guanghua Street for food again because he realized he bought the wrong tools, so went back to get another one.

La Mian NTD 75. Small portion! I couldn't finish it!

The underground so deep! Can't turn back and see. Photo taken by him.

Breeze Mall Interior

It seems like all the shopping mall are nice one..

Shoes that cost like NTD 2630...mmm...

Figure out where I want to go

Malaysians be proud!!!! Jimmy Choo in Taiwan ;)

The toilet I love! ;)

Very the princess feel

Furnished with flat screen some more! Can rest here. Wakaka!

Street market again. Must visit!

MRT still damn packed at 11pm! *fuhhh

Is it exciting so far - Taiwan adventure?
Be patient for shopping post ok!

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