27 November 2010

Out of no where

This is super random post. You might not want to read though, is just wasting your time. *Don't say I didn't warn chu!

Some of the very old photos that have been rusted sitting in my Nokia E63 ever since I owned the phone. Oh well, I just thought of posting them and laugh about it.

This is during month of fool April. Shopping in Myers. Couldn't afford anything although almost everything in the store is on sale. No mood to see the stuff so here you go.

Thanks to Myers mirror for the reflection! LOL!

Do you like the white scarf? My aunt made it for me. 1 for me and 1 for my mum. So warmy...

And like any another day, my mum was visiting so she was trying some clothes and here you go again.

The purpose of showing you this photo is because I like to wallpaper. But very inappropriate for a house feel. More like for valentine season only :|

Month of April is a month that I was so crazy with hats. Probably because of the cold weather and I wanted to cover myself up to stay warm. Hats that I tried on everytime I visited a store.

This is one of the cheapest hat I tried. It cost only $3 maybe of the striking pink colour. I was so tempted to buy and my mum said "You never gonna wear that, trust me". I thought another second and I think she was right. But still heart itchy.

Old style hat/ Plain black, I think its cool. Sorry I keep on cropping the pics without my face because I looked horrible in cold season. I might scare you from where you are sitting right now reading this. Anyway this is $19, that was after discount. Saw the CCTV on the top, gosh the security guards might be laughing at me while popping popcorn into their mouth!

This is the best picture with my face. hahahah!! Damn fat lah my face here. This one looks kinda the same like the first hat I tried on. But this one cost 8x the price of pink/black hat. Erm, nobody knows why, but they look the same. Don't they? Maybe that was from Reject Shop and this is from BigW. mmmm....

Surprisingly, I bought none of them. Deep down in my heart, I knew very well, I wouldn't have wear it. And at the same time, I think people in uni will be looking at me and whispering in their heart "weird chinese girl studying in uni".

I think I should update properly, maybe tonight or tomorrow. I don't know.

Anyway happy weekend! :D

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Sista said...

update whenever you like cos it's your blog mah.