06 December 2010

Heavy stuff


Ladylike went missing for good two weeks because of :-

1. Inconvenience of access to internet
2. Moving house
3. Work

Those of the above has sum up my weeks for being MIA and the case of 1 & 2 have been solved by now. (1) I just get an internet connection for myself at $15 per month with 1.5GB. I know that's like so LITTLE! But oh well, that's the cheapest package I could afford and this mean I can't do lots of skyping now with my friends all around the globe. But I will try to save up some GB for each and everyone of you. Bliss. (2)I have packed and unpacked them in a day. Good job and I was so damn tired! Thanks to my friend, Sandi for helping me.

And on the 3rd point, I am currently still working but not much shift in a week so I barely earn much. Still, it is better than nothing. And the rest of the week, I am chilling at home :D Double BLISS.

One of the brand that I am doing! Get them from Coles this week, all half price! What a bargain. All you people in Aussie, don't miss this offer.


This year alone, I actually broke two handbags of mine - the handle. Seriously, my stuff are so damn heavy here because of the traveling and walking alot. It's so sad when my bags that I love RIP one by one.

Like this one, I just bought it in January during my visit to Taiwan beginning of this year.


Check out the stuff in it.

Lappy | File for work | Bottle of water | Dim sum in cointainer | M & M's left over | Purse.

I don't think it can be fix either. So I thought cheap stuff doesn't last long. For it to last long, it has to be carry light. Strikely not more than 2kgs.

So I thought, it maybe a good reason to have them all damage here and I wouldn't need to allocate space for them in the luggage to bring them home. Stupid thinking!

Anywaysss, for your information, I will be MIA-ing again soon because imma is going to Brisbane from 26 Dec till 5 Jan. Okay, I know it's weird after X'mas but you know the ticket is much more cheaper. But don't be sad during my absencent because I am going to feed you with lots of picture when I come back.

This is a super light traveling so I won't be bringing my lappy with me and even neccesities because I need to save kgs as I am handcarrying them. Jenny Lo, please bear with me - I know you love me and you don't mind hahhaahah *perasan

But this is going to be a super saving trip as well because accommodation are totally free provided from bestie and we may have meals at home as well and not forgetting we may be able to borrow her friend's car. So all in all, we only need to share the fuel and parking. How reasonable is that for an escape? :D

Having said that, I still need to beg parents or my sister for extra cash. HAHAHAAHAHAHAAH!! imma can't afford much yet because not enough shifts.

Ok lah, enough of announcements for this post already. And please be informed. LOL!

p/s : OMG OMG...tomorrow is going to be the 7th Dec and that's when my result is going to be released. AHHHH!! imma is afraid *panicking.

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Sista said...

money honey. $$$$

i hope you enjoy this trip with your friends, perhaps we need to talk about getting you a better internet connection.