20 December 2010

Jingle bell Rocks

OMG...Christmas is like 5days away ... nono, I mean 4days from now! Couldn't believe it. This time around last year I was so excited to celebrate because I was going to leave for Australia for a new chapter.

By now, I am already in Sydney for 10months. That is really fast. In 10 months total, but I've only recently get used and know the little tiny details of some important stuff like transportation. It's a bit weird, oh well, the transportation is not as great as what I have first thought. My imagination of the transportation service totally failed.

Any how, everyone is busy doing their X'mas shopping! And I am like...X'mas shopping?? Why didn't I get any atmosphere or shopping feel in me? Despite any-shopping-desire exist inside, I just went ahead like everyone else.

So far, this is what I've bought and they will be distributed here or in Malaysia.

Friends and family start spotting your gifts! Well, if you (friends & family) didn't find any that is suitable, that is most probably I haven't buy for you yet. LOL! To my readers, I am sorry, not this time because I am in Aussie and posting is very costly.

Talking about cost, cost rings the bell of $$. Money comes from work. And i've not been working as much as other people do. To be honest, my money are all spend on food. No matter how full or how hard I tried to resist the food desire, when I passed by food court or cafes, the aroma of the food gave me the "BUY ME!!!" signal! DAMN IT!

This post is getting too long now... The main point is actually to wish all of you


Don't forget the birth of Jesus whom save our lives. Amen.

P/S: Brisbane in 5days from now. WOOHOO...*excited!

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Sista said...

i spotted those sachets, those are mine lorrr... anyway the bag is for who?

oh come on, spending on food is better than spending it on something that you rarely use, so it's worth it! merry xmas!!!