08 November 2010

Ladylike iz x-sai-ted

Sorry for my bad english title :p

What am I x-sai-ted? =0

Is it another free stuff? wtf!











You've guess it right. So right. Let imma tell you story again.

Like this. 1 hour ago, a lady from Tony & Guy called me whether I am available or not later at 1.45pm. That's impossible because she called me at 12pm and wouldn't have make it there in time and I reckoned it will take me 2hours there.

What Ladylike is trying to say is? - She is going to have Toni & Guy free hair cut!

Retype and redefine - Toni & Guy

When? - tomorrow at 1.45pm (*.*)

Where? - Paddington (in case you don't know, it is a upper class young adult suburb, probably I couldn't even afford to buy a top from there. seriously. Underwear also seems like a difficulty.lol)

Who is going to cut my hair? - of course not si-fu or any senior gurus. They are a bunch of students using models hair to perform their skills. So I am a guinea pig!

How? - to get there, obviously by bus & train & walk like 378439 minutes. - How are they going to cut my hair? - I am in a dilemma now. Coz imma afraid they want to cut short. SHORT. do you get what i mean? Short means above my shoulder length.


I have been keeping my hair for quite a while now because I was having short hair twice last year and the year before. Right now, I am seriously not open yet to short hair. buuttttt...this is free! What can I ask for more?

They are going to give me hair cut, styling, blow dry & colour for free. Basically everything is free. just get my ass and sit there for hours for them to do stuff with my hair.

This is the current picture I sent to them for analysis:-

Taken in Blue Mountains, NSW during my parents' visit. (Will blog that some day)

But right now, I am standing in the middle of YES & NO for short hair.

Do you think I should get my hair short (again) if they really choose that style?

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Sista said...

hair will grow! so go for it even thought it's short!