09 November 2010

Farewell to old hair

Just before anything. I must say I *heart* my hair every bit of it.

I never have this kind of messy yet fine texture hair before, perhaps no one could cut like that back in hometown. Seriously. The styling especially the back cut, damn scary at first but it really blends the hair well in layering.

First of all, let's give a farewell to my long hair (although didn't cut it really short), just for the sake of saying goodbye! =)

on the way to Toni & Guy

One last glance, okie...

I also want to show you Paddington. As according to the locals, Oxford Street is the most fashionable street in Sydney.

This is Paddington. Mmm, really high class along Oxford Street.

full with boutiques like these.

and these

And this street is covered with purplish trees.


Are you waiting to see my real hair?

Sorry, that post will be up tomorrow because there's a video on back cutting too.

Haha!! See you tomorrow. kthxbye!

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Sista said...

did they offer u to return for a free hair coloring session?