14 November 2010

Hair Transformation

I'm back. But before that, I need to apologize for blogging this late because I had papers on Thursday and Saturday which means I was squeezed in betweel. My priority is to study as you all know albeit blogging is part of my life but first thing first : study. And I will be happy to blog.

Now my only hope is to PASS my exams. I have one more paper on Friday and it's call the end of semester. Its' totally scary because everywhere people started to jingle their bells as early as November.

Before I elaborate on my hair, I actually have to clarify a few stuff from my previous post.

1) Not students who cut my hair. They are actually foreigners coming from different countries to upgrade their cutting skills and most importantly, get inspiration and new hair styles.

2) The back cutting is damn scary at first. Probably, I exaggerated this sentence. But it is plain cool.

So here I was on last Tuesday

Toni & Guy.

Started with parting my hairs in the form of letter 'M' for the fringe and 'Star' shape for the upper head.

 No one actually did this kind of parting before cutting my hair as long as I remembered and the multiple times I visited a saloon.

During the process and this is how much hair I sacrified for a new hair style.

Byebye hair! 

The process . . .

After two hours . . .






This is Irene, my hairstylist for this hair. She is from Canada. She looks pretty too ;)

And from the back.

The secret to achieve this hair is SEA SALT SPRAY! I am not kidding. No blowing, no thongs nothing.

Absolutely satisfied with the hair cut.

And the only thing is missing is colour.

I am thinking should I get it colour, brown or blonde? LOL.

Before I forget, remember the video that I took on back cutting. It doesn't seem to be able to upload. I am sorry about this but I will try to fix it and upload it again probably around this week ok.

And for now, you know the secret for wavy style is Sea Salt Spray.


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