07 November 2010


I am 22 this year. Frankly speaking, I have not sorted out my future very well yet but I am half way through it pathing my way in the tourism and hospitality line. If you ask me why did I end up in this industry? ... 3dots is my answer :p

Nah, I am just pulling your leg. Actually even I, myself did not know I would be studying hospitality industry too. But the fact that I am in Commerce Stream, I left very few choices because 1) I hated figures although I am Chinese (people always say chinese are the master of figures, but oh well, at least not in my case) 2)I am not that highly rated as "Smart" or any better of "Intelligient". These two words are very strong and with indepth meanings. So I cant merely used that word and label myself. Just way too much for the time being, just yet. Note my word, "yet" ok. Business studies are far too common, without a speciality which could be see in two angles of being 'all rounder/can perform any task relating to business' or either 'good at nothing, normal, no speciality or focus area'. This is just my perspectives, no offense to people that fall in this category.

Like I said, I didn't like figures so accounting or any figures relation are a No-No for me. Again, I am not way too smart and that's why Law is a major No-no too. But if you die die ask me to choose between Accounting and Law, I will definitely take up accounting because figures I am still able to work out rather than using my back brain and mouth to fight cases like that. Although I know not all lawyers need to be presented in courts. HAHA! but whatever, just too many Hong Kong dramas. This is getting too long. Cut story short, I wanted to be specialised or major in a field. Therefore, I chose tourism as my first option as it is my special interest and passion for travelling.

As I am writing this post, I am thinking of becoming a travel writer. Mmm, have been thinking about it for some time but working in marketing or research team in a tourism board or promotional board is much more exciting and challenging. And I doubt I would ever been given a chance in Malaysia.

Anyway...why i wrote this post is because of this young boy from Korea. I basically think he has the talent to do so well and gained popularity at the age of 13. Practice makes perfect and acoustic is the style I like most. I am sure he practice from no day to no night. LOL!!

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He is 13, and he already knew his talent. If you want to know more about him then go to www.sunghajung.com. (type yourself,don't be lazy) And now, where and what is my talent? I am still working out and in search for my talent. *sigh

In fact, sometimes I wish I was born to be a singer/musician *dreamy face

*slap face*

back to reality.

I am talented in procastinating. Because that's the easiest to practice. No lah, I am trying to be talented in doing something else than procastinating like facebooking or msn-ing.

So don't you waste your time now, start searching for your talent -from Ladylike ultimate advice / boo

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Sista said...

who say u got no talent?

please complete your piano grades... you left it hanging. :-\