29 August 2010


well, not really. Friday night means body energy is high up and whatever time its gonna be, the night will be forever young!

Lunch on a Friday noon . . . 

Then quickly rushed for an hour train down to city. Some random shoots of the day.

3 person in Australia asked me where did I bought my beanie. - from Taiwan. - ohh, can't buy. sad mode. HAHA!

What's inside my bag?

Significant body needs - Water bottle / Beanie / Train ticket / Chapstick / Train timetable (very essential) / A book (boring rescue) / umbrella (open your eyes bigger, very tiny deep inside)

Manhattan Dreaming, quite a nice one but unable to give a full judgment because I only started a few chapters.

Ok. Back to topic.

Where can you see such buzzing atmosphere in Sydney after 5pm?

Almost all Chinese are kiasu - earn money in any possible slight chances, like there's no tomorrow.

So now you know where is this place I am referring too?




Chinatown. You got it right *clap*clap*

See what's in here.

Nom Nom.

Japanese Delight.

To be precise, it's Takoyakiya.


:) Reflection

Uncle and aunt networking behind.

This photo must show to all Malaysians.

Mamak in Goulburn Street at 9.30pm. Can you believe it? Still queuing for roti canai for bloody $5!!! FTL!

Postbox today. Freebies...my favy!!


So sleepy now. Goodnight world!


Sista said...

the mamak must be earning like crazy lor... i've never seen such crowd Q-ing for roti canai before wtf. people! it's just pain dough!!!

hah, only the liquid foundation and toothpaste? wtf. thought you said like a LOT of freebies... so this 2 is call a lot la ya? hahaha.

does the liquid foundation contain SPF?

sooclara said...

sista : they didnt know malaysia only sell RM1.20..its like $0.40 LOL!

hahaha!! at least i make u wonder. no SPH o..people here like don't really care about skin protection, more on getting how to look good. this one is for making your face smooth and fix wrinkle lines.