27 August 2010

Rare Midnight

It is so rare for me to stay awake at this hour, 1:08am and blogging. I've been practising to sleep early and since I've moved into this new house, so much near to uni and I started to fall back to the sleep late bad routine. And I've noticed it just started early this week. 

Today I discovered another side of me. Boo! I am a really great procastinator now. As long as I ever know, I never been so much in procastinating, (although I am, sometimes) but this time it really went so far like now. Half an hour ago, I was scribbling how psychology (wow, I spell it right for the first time) affected in media violence bla bla, and I couldn't find the answer from my readings and there I stopped. Few minutes later, I stood up and started doing other stuff, checking the fridge and the food cupboard. Heck!

So now here I am blogging away! :( Since I am so in the mood to make a post, just make me feel good a while ok? And then I will get back to work soon *hopeful

This week, the weather should be getting better as we are now heading Spring. But hell no, the weather went crazy yesterday (after 12am already), strong wind and low humidity. Again, I freeze at home . . . now! Thankful, I can still type with cold fingers. (So you can have a new post to read *wink*)

This is what I am wearing now - pink bathrobe.


#1 No, I am not a pink fan is just that I don't have any other choice. Because there was only pink and white left for my size. And mumsy insisted me to buy pink as white gets dirty quick. Thus, ended in pink bathrobe. Super comfy and warm. Must have for winter, no joke!

Even at some point I couldn't afford to take it off before going to bed. Imagine how warm this material could wrapped me inside and the strong relationship between us. Without pinky bathrobe I would have die freezing. Seriously.

On another note, my relatives were so afraid that I would die in this suburb because food outlets are so rare here. More over is winter and I need lots lots of food to keep me warm. Therefore ending up with foods that can supply me for a month I think.

#2 The valueable content fridge. Winter saviour! All of them are mine. Where is the future housemate going to fit her nom nom inside? >.<  (Sorry, no space for you!)

Not just that alone.

#3 Tempting nom nom in the compartment you ever wanted. Let me list the favourites : TimTam, checked / Doritos, checked / Instant noodles, checked / varieties of tuna, checked / microwaveable pasta, checked / Shapes, checked and etc. Stop salivating! =P

Enough of torturing you already. I should keep the evilness for my next posts. LOL! 

You think is unfair, huh? Okok, fine, then my turn to torture myself.




#4 Undone assignments! Due next coming Friday. C'mon pen, please write. Spotted dessert plate and cup? Got carried away in between for some snacks. Tea and chocolate mud cake with ice cream. Very alluring!

Sorry not intended to torture you the focus should be me. Last torture,

#5 Stress enough????!! Can't wait to take down the post-it notes SOONNNN...

Feeling guilty now! I want to get back to work now and meanwhile you enjoy looking at my yummy nom nom ok. Tata.


Sista said...

pink bathrobe as winter wear? new fashion trend i suppose lol. really a lot of nom nom lor... hope you don't start gaining weight!! ;)

sooclara said...

Sista : i dont i will gain weight though..haha! fingers cross