04 September 2010

Facebook syndrome

How many hours do you login into facebook in a day? Frankly speaking, facebook wasn't my interest and until now if you would ask me whether I have master all the features or play all the games online through facebook stuff like that... my answer is definitely a BIG no.

Perhaps I log into facebook now more often than I ever did before since I have an account. Thanks to 3 for providing me such a cheap internet which once I signed up, automatically I can access facebook for free. Hence, I end up login more during long traveling hours.

Anyway, I want to share about this Facebook thing that people are all overwelming and possibly couldn't live without it by now. Everywhere you go, even in library computers or computer labs or even mobile phones are captured with the facebook history. Believe me not, go check it out in your office computers, probably the facebook is the mostly visited site. (If only your company didn't lock the site, lol)

This is also mean to say, almost everyone has a facebook account no matter what ages. I am going to show you my conversation between a Lau Ah Pek (old man).

Don't know how he came across me. I mean I am so far away...oh well, world without borders!

Then I continued to play him more :

He said I am being offensive. SO WHAT??!! Aren't he felt disgusting of himself for messaging countless girl in facebook? I am sorry with the opposite sex that actually buy his words. FTW!! Of course I look older than 18, I can proudly admit it here, in my blog, I just want to fool him.

Some more mentioned my dad...!!

Reported him straight away after that!! And blocked him.

Old man looking for love or put it in harsh words, looking for sexuality. BOO!

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