25 August 2010

When routine isn't exactly normal

My title of this post kinda freak me a little when I think back. Everywhere I go or stay, some how or later I end up in the same situation and oh-its-another-boring-day! I wonder, am I the only person that feel this nature of human emotion or I am creating it to make myself feel this way?

Routine is good at some point, for instance you got so used in doing the same thing every week, so you probably master it by now eg.getting ready your school bags for tomorrow's class wtf. -_______-  But the dark side of it is 1) I get bored and no motivation 2) Oh, it's another weekend and when Friday comes and all your friends shouted TGIF!

Let me show you my routine outfit for winter . . .

*Warning : It is boring, you can close the window now*

So yeah, exactly how boring when this has become my routine.

The reasons behind that outfit because . . .

#1 imagine you have to walk like 2 kilometres back and forth uni during the weekdays and the wind is blowing crazily.

#2 you try to put on something nice and is just an hour class! Damn, who is going to look at you anyway? Although I feel happy for looking good but hey, is it worth the time spend in getting ready for an hour class? I rather compensate the time to sleep extra 30 minutes or an hour than getting ready! Ok, I am that lazy bum. Sleep is good :D

#3 no matter how nice you dressed, you are going to be covered up by trench coat or either jackets or anything that keep you warm. Pointless~

Am I just being a complainer for not doing any better? I am in a dilemma now!

Too be specific in my routine outfit

Winter beanie from Taiwan (absolute need!)
3 Layer colour scarf (necessity expecially during crazy weather)
Nike Jacket from USA (keeping you warm above 10degree, below is a no no decision)
and underneath is 2 layers of clothing which you can't see
Nice cutting jeans from Malaysia (not really a good option for winter)
that is why, another winter leggings underneath which you can't see again 
Nike sneakers for comfortable walking (and to run in the rain)

The only thing I am consious about is to cover all my skin body surface from the cold air. If there is any invention of physical equipment that could keep my palms warm, I am going to purchase it no matter what!

Now routine sounds scary, don't you think so? T______T 


Sista said...

WHy you look so different geh? Maybe i haven't seen you for so long i forgot how you look like? lol.

AhTuck said...

ui..why look so aunty?!

sooclara said...

sista : because i wrapped like "ko chung"!!!!!!! i didnt change!

ahtuck : wtffffff!! u break my heart! very cold bah and windy! wear nice2 also no use, the wind blow my hair and then i look like frugal in the class lor :((((((