21 August 2010

Tips before departing homecountry to Universities

It is so heart breaking that this blog has been dead for quite a while now because the adminstrator was dead too. I don't know of where to start but most of the things happened were very personal to myself and I wouldn't want to tell the whole world as my blog is open for public and I know people I know and won't know will read this.

But anyhow, most of the listed "IMPORTANT" stuff have been take care off and the only reason that would hold me back to blog now will be time. Sometimes I would think, is it worth for me to keep this blog or just delete it and start new one again when my inspiration comes back in like 5 years later or either 10 years later? I probably might read back my post and find myself feeling embarrasing for being childish. Well, is this an indicator that I've grown up?

Since I have experienced of going through studying in oversea, I want to share my ultimate LADYLIKE advices to all of you out there whom are preparing or planning to go oversea soon or in the future.

(These advices may or may not be useful, may or may not heard before, but from my own experienced)

#Rule No 1
Do not study in a country/university/location that you didn't want to go, even you have relatives there.

#Rule No 2
The best is go to where you feel you will enjoy, by easy making friends and good review about the university. Do not attempt to study in the university because it is near to where you are going to stay. This is not going to help you better in your study although save traveling time.

#Rule No 3
Apply a few universities in the same region/place before departing your homecountry. You never know what might happened before or during your studies. With this option, it will allow you to switch universities more easier than apply from the start and time contraint because at least they still have your record!

#Rule No 4
Demand for black and white in your universities indicating what subjects you need to undertake in order to graduate. Although they don't give you the exact subjects, ask for the overview. This is very essential especially for twinning students! You will know why when you apply to graduate. So even before you graduate, you get this tip. Don't say I don't share. :)

#Rule No 5
If you are planning to work part time, seek for job when you are about to arrive the country you intend to go. Google is the best tool to use in this era!

#Rule No 6
Especially being an international student, it is very important for you to choose a university with lots of international students too (I don't mean exchange student). Initially, it will you get uni friends for your duration of course, help you in your studies and homesick emotion and definitely partner in crime (think positive).

At this moment, I find these few tips are very handy before departing your comfort zone. If anyone has questions to raise here, please comment or send me an email. I will love to share my experience or help you if I could.

Start preparing and planning your studies. Good Luck! :D

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Sista said...

very good tips you had provided, Rule #1 and #2 is very important! hope your readers find it helpful.