12 May 2009

RM45 for a hair cut

*edit : Please let me know which hair styles suit me most with the numbering pictures. Thank you!

Will you?

Honestly speaking RM45 is way too much for me; way too expensive for me. The most I ever cut was RM28, itupun I die die want to get cheaper because it was RM 25 but the auntie counted me RM28 after a year and said everything naik harga. *sigh

The thing is I actually went for RM45 hair cut for the very very first time in my 21 years of living in this planet. *cover my eyes with two hands

Tell me it is worth it? This is what I did this few days to make my hair worth RM45!! Don't laugh, I'm serious!!

Back look

Side Way

#1 I curly it. Took me like 30 minutes to get everything done. All you need is curler & styling products.

# 2 This is just a little wavy volume. Apply mousse and crumble your hair the part you want it to volume up by using the curler.

# 3 This is the normal straight hair. After shower, just blow dry or either let it dry by itself. The easiest way & save tons & tons of my time. wtf! time is indeed very very essential to me now.

Back look


# 4 I knot my hair with a ....??? What do you call that thing to sanggul the hair? My brain is dead now.

The product that I've been using is Lucidol, Japan Product. Can be found in guardian & Watson. It doesn't harden my hair and No stickiness too! I quite like it.

Ok, you tell me which one is nicer? There is one thing missing with my hair. Do you see it? Well, I guess colour! So I should dye my hair don't I? Maybe coffee colour or a little blonde or light brown? Dilemma. Now I need to find a cheap shop for colouring. ahh...!! Money again! everything $$$$!!!

Sorry, this is a short post & I am running out of time. Actually, I would have blog this earlier!! I was in the midst of blogging it 2 weeks ago (cut my hair in April), but through the middle I got something important pop up/getting time to do my hair/taking photos each style of my hair & it took me forever to post up. *sigh* Finally, I did it todayyyyy!! =) I did alot of stuff during the weekend & I was so tired. That's another story for another day. =)

Next Up : KK Food Lovers Outing!! You guys be patient k, I will share the pictures I had.


Kikey Loo said...

u can be a hairstylist liao.. :p

Alvin Lim said...

Actually it's quite nice wor. But RM 45 maybe bit expensive also la :P Nvm, you take more photos, left, right and center then you pass to ur cheaper hairstylist next time :D

sooclara said...

kikey : wahh!! where got so geng leh?!

alvin : Hehe..i hope other hair stylist also can cut as good as RM 45! =)

to both of you, which style suits better with me? Didn't answer my post leh?

BeverLy's Secret said...

You look great with the new hair cut!! Worth it.. though it's a little expensive...

Alvin Lim said...

new hair cut :D 2 reasons

1 - coz it's rm45
2 - coz it's expensive.

lol, kidding. its nice ;)