15 May 2009

KK Food Lovers Dinner

Nahh...finally my post for KK Food Lovers dinner! (I kept my promise =) )

I thought I would never go so far in eating until I joined this outing! Dahhh!! My habit of eating now contribute very much on the fleshly part of my body. =( Definitely I understand how great was it to just pop anything into your mouth, yet now I hold back because at the end of the day it shows in the needle of the numbers.

Me | Emily | Fui Lei known as Fly

And so, I went out for this dinner on Sunday night. I thought it would be a dozen or more people seated around the table. mmm, I was wrong, some didn't turn up for no reason. (Wonder who are they!) However, still we continued with the food and chit chat the night away!

For food reviews. Read here. =) Too lazy review again. WTF! forgive me this time ok?

Candid : Mike (in red)

One experience to share during the dinner, we encountered a fish that smells. Very Bad indeed. And so we told the boss/owner about it.

Just to alert or tips to consumers out there(It is your rights); when there is something not right with the food, please do inform the servers to change it or either exchange another dish. If you don't ask 1) You wouldn't get an exchange yet you still pay the same price. 2) The restaurants wouldn't know the fish is bad. 3) You lost! Dish not value for money.

The men : Ricky | Mike | Vincent

What I did was informing the boss/owner of the fish. Lucky he were good enough to exchange the dish for us. Additional points earned. Good!

The owner/boss, behind the cashier counter, one hand up & in white

As we required to change the dish, took lots lots of photos of the food, talking about the food very much during the dinner, well, we were sort of like food critique & lastly we were handed comments form. (Talking about that! I have another story to tell) Ooohhh, I like to do this one. Be honest in giving comments people out there. They need compliments & room for improvement at the same time. Do compliment, don't just critique. =)

All of us took a final picture before we left. Guys, I think we should go for crazy poses rather than the below of the old same photos. LOL! =) Hope you all find this group of eaters to be interesting & fun. Of course, more to come.

Vincent | Ricky | Mike | Joanna | Emily | Yellow bag & shorts lady | Fui lei

To hear from them more, facebook here & surf through kkfoodlovers [dot] blogspot [dot] com.

A part of the exterior of the restaurant. Just this part looks so attracting to me which I flash it.

Next update : Maybe about shopping spree! Let's see what I have to share.


Alvin Lim said...

er...no pic of the food ahhhh

by the way, ur new hairstyle quite nice (i think) based on the pic here. haha

Mei-Wah said...

hurrhurrhurr clara... where got lar? i'm your loyal readers (you know it, don't you?) :)

anjappar is at erm... what's the name of the building ar... erm... opposite centre point is it?

sooclara said...

Alvin : LOL! thanks..didn't take pic coz too busy chit chatting n eating! hahah

Mei wah : back in action ady.. Star City Shopping Mall..hehe!