05 May 2009

The third post

Again...this is the third post I am going to blog on this OVERPRICED eatery outlet. Ouch!

1st post here & 2nd post here =) I am good right to keep on sharing every single of my experience here.

This time I'll be more specific with the location, in case many of you would have not know it yet.

Can you see from the pic? Ok, let me re-type here as a homework for myself. wtf!

Lot 14, Waterfront
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Contact : 088 242 879

and also email : toscaniskk@yahoo.com.hk wah, so high-tech one the owner/chef knows how to use email.

Attached here a map

Click on the image to enlarge

Yeah, they do, host for outdoor & indoor catering. I wonder anyone would want them? As you know the price per person its' ripped off (to me) and would it be for 50 persons? I don't want to calculate.

The truth is, this restaurant really make a hole in our pocket however, still many choose to dine here, like me, my friend, my family err, maybe not, my family doesn't think it is value for $$. So it was just me & my friend.

See, Manggo Laisse for RM10.90!!! Damn hurting or not? RM 10.90, I can get a super good deal meal. Or let's just say McDonald McValue Meal. And that makes you feel bolted enough.

Not very tempting huh???

What about this???

After this glass, my mum made this on her own at home! And it tasted totally the same. I will do it myself when I have time & blog about it together with the recipe. Sure Jadi Oneee!!

Gotta boycott from supporting overprice eatery!! Haha, ok I will support once in a while, but the bloody tiramisu is evil & tempting. You ask me why the hell I still dine when I kept on mentioning it's OVERPRICE. The absolute answer is because of the DEVILICIOUS TIRAMISU, I wanna eat!! And that makes me dine here for dinner too!!!

And again, I forgot about take a pic of tiramisu. The moment it was served on my table, I totally indulged my goodself into the cake and goyang kaki in my Cloud9.

VERY THE SORRYY!! THOUSAND THE APOLOGIZE. because this is the 3rd post already, yet without any tiramisu picture! You see, I hate myself sometimes. I remembered before I reached the restaurant and another second totally forget about taking a picture of it.

Maybe part of it, when I see the picture, it reminds me out of the sudden and then I will crave for it and then I will end up there again.


Let's have the dishes to talk for this post;

My share for the dinner

Peperoni Pizza @ RM 29.90
Tasted to be fine, nothing particularly to shout about. More probably to be Normal category. The difference about it with Pizza Hut is the thickness of bread/pita/the topping base. This one is thin & crunchy.


Chicken Lasagna @ RM19.90
Not my selection because I definately preffered beef lagsana. Presentation & looks is the same with my previous beef lasagna review. Read Here.


Grilled Chicken @ RM29.90
I don't know what is so nice about it. It tasted like any other grilled chicken. Mum knew how to grill. She does have that for our dinner menu. Mum & I find it to be normal.

Next visit I wanna try the Seafood Platter for RM99.00. There is also a dish that cost RM 159.90. That might have a lobster in it. You tell me, is it sucking your blood??!!

I've been writing so many review for this restaurant, complaining about the price at the same time praise his food. Do you think the restaurant should owe me a meal? Been promoting ever since the very 1st time I went.

The chef or the owner, if you see this post, would you want to give me a free dine in? *big wet eyes



Brings the cursor to the X Button & click it hard enough to shut it. *Close the window.

WAITTT!! Before I "X" & U "X"

My next update will be :- My Hair Cut that cost me much!!!


Alvin Lim said...

wah, so expensive and u went there so many times? or u review it 3 times, not actually going there 3 times? :P

to be honest, the price IS indeed very expensive. for that price, i can go to KL's famous Pizza Uno (very de nice!).

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