29 May 2009

Hello Chicago

So now, you know my feet step in Chicago, USA :)

The 5 hours flight to Korea, transit for 6 hours and then 10 hours flight to reach O'Hare International Airport, Chicago! It was 1000years ago I sat on a long flight. And I've been cursing myself during the BKI-INC flight because I fidgeted & almost turned hysterical.

I should not rant anymore as I had arrived safe & sound. It is a BEAUTIPOOL place... some pictures to cheer us up.

Look at the sun! Just took it a moment ago before dinner. Can you believe it? Sunset at 8pm :D

Sun in full glory!

View from balcony. Peace :)

That is Christ Church on the left. I could hear the big bell does it work on Sunday morning & I didn't play my part. LOL!

Btw, I had explored a number of landmarks/places & see many people from different walks of life. 1) I saw a young man sitting on the street begging with a board saying "I lost my job, I lost my home, I am Hungry". 2) I was actually taking photo of the buildings in the city, and there was a man pointing at me "You cannot take the pictures of the devils, you can only take pictures of the Angels. God is..blablabla" I was shocked quickly kept my camera. 3) Dog go shopping with his master on a wheelchair.

Anyhow, I am still not done yet with Chicago. More to come.

:)))) Chicago 2009 comes alive!


Capablanca said...

Wow, you're in Chicago right now?

Well, good luck in your travel. Do be careful around there. Swine flu cases are highest in Illinois.

I'd been to Chicago too few months ago.

sooclara said...

capablanca : HI!..ohh..didnt know u read my blog. wow..that is nice! any place suggestion that i must see & food to eat?

Mei-Wah said...

me jealous liao!
better come back with at least something for me~ then i will be happy. kekekee...

Capablanca said...

Well, I can't actually say I enjoyed Chicago since I went there when it recorded its second coldest winter in 3 decades! So, I tried to minimize my movements.

But, if you like shopping, you can go to Michigan Ave for all the high end shops. But, I think they have a boat ride right now where you can tour around Chicago through its river.

If you like heights, you can go to John Hancock tower for a bird's eye view. Nothing much, just like viewing through KL Tower.

If you are really adventurous and not afraid of getting mugged, you can go downtown to the ghetto area. It's mostly black and violence is prevalence there.

Or try going to its universities and museums, Northwestern, Chicago Uni are the more higher rankings one there. Th museums are large, and will take a while to explore all of them, if you can locate all, that is.

Mostly, I just enjoyed the architecture around.