04 June 2009

Leaving Chicago, Illnois, USA

Oh Hello from Chicago again. Yes I am still here. Tomorrow I am flying to Korea for 14 hours to catch up the time zone in Asia. That would be a nightmare / insomnia / disaster face!

I Love Milwaukee very much. Another city in Wisconsin. Clean, beautiful & people are nice there. And of course, things are cheaper there :) woohoo! Nah, I did not buy anything just a Postcard : Milwaukee Public Market.

So people, I'll be back soon to Home & catch up with my posts! For sure & promise, Chicago Posts! & also Korea & Wisconsin :)))

I am now in the midst of packing all the stuffs! To my horror, so many many things!! Luggage is so bulky & heavy, I can't even carry them. It might add up 25kg per luggage :x I checked out all the items, what were there? Gifts for people & only a few items for myself. A few means still countable, like 5? Oh goshhhh....hahahah! So sad but true! Folks at home, you should be happy!

Time for bed now. Exactly 12am! Oh no, not enough sleep again...bye!

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Alvin Lim said...

Care to send some souvenirs over to KL ? :P