09 June 2009


KE 673 landed safely at Kota Kinabalu International Airport :)

Having Jetlag! :(
Sore Throat / headache - feels like I am floating! (See a doc today, only minor problem ok! No symptoms of swine flu, don't worry!)

For the upcoming posts, you will definitely read very much about Chicago & Korea! Stay tuned. Promise will blog properly later.

Medicine time. I am so guai! hehehe...


Alvin Lim said...

jet lag? mmm try to tahan w/o sleep until 12am our time. then go to sleep.

otherwise, be prepared to last 1 week at least. some ppl i know suffer 2-3 weeks. :P

eh, u din get quarantined?

Mei-Wah said...

get well quick cos i wanna read your chicago and korea post. argh! i'm still jealous of you! hmmph...

GET WELL SOON! :) *huggieeesss*

Je m'appelle CPS said...

take care wei :)

sooclara said...

alvin : no quarantine de lah..im safe ok..LOL!

mei-wah : thanks, i felt your warmness..wtf! hahaha

cps : yeah thanks!