22 October 2009


I tried very much to blog consistently but I still fail to do so. I am such a BAD blogger.

So I come up with something - Oh-No-It's-Thursday-Again = O.N.I.T.A. I will have a session with my readers on topics to talk about & my readers would give as many opinions as possible. Why Thursday? Because today is Thursday ... LOL! I shall start today & hope I won't deteriorate.

The topic for today is 'How do you keep your man/boyfriend from mixing much with his friends?'. This inspiration came from a small comment that I saw in a website. Not very much related but I change the topic a little bit.

The story goes :-

by, S. Chong "I have a boyfriend that mix very much with his friends. He is the type that wouldn't know how to say "NO"/reject to his friends. I find it very difficult to control him as such. He would at least hang out once in a week either at clubs or cafes. I tried to join several times but I myself didn't feel comfortable because I am totally just not into the group talk!"

Do you get what Miss Chong means? She hardly get along with his boyfriend's friends. Not a good start.

"What makes things worst or even more complicated, most of them are females. Jeng Jeng Jeng! (sound effect added) The problem starts from here. I know truly that my boyfriend won't cheat on me, but I don't trust his friends because I know his friends would teach him many ways to not care me when I get angry when he wanted to go out"

Aha...see very the dramatic.

"A few times, I saw, how he turned down his friends through sms or phone calls. The other end would respond "Oooh, got girlfriend already don't want to go out with friends anymore"


"With that my boyfriend felt offended and wanted to go out again after much persuasion. *sigh* "

This man rather please his friends not his Special Girlfriend. aiyoyoyo! How do you handle such man/boyfriend?

"My heart felt so uneasy every single time he wants to go out. His friends are really big problem to us. Help me"

Ok this is the story by S.Chong. I wonder whether she would stumbled upon my blog and see the comments left by my readers to help her. Thanks to all if you have leave your advises.

I might I wanna share my opinion too after I figure something out.

I am sick but still blog because I just can't sleep and that is why I am here for the Thursday post!

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