02 October 2009

It’s Krrunch Time, Get Playful!

Profile : Ladylike aka Clara
Time : Between 7.00pm till 11.00pm
Venue : Home Sweet Home
Tools : Phone Camera K810
Outfit : House wear (don't laugh! you will know why later)with spectacles after a long day of work with lens; tired.

Life after work is boring without Krunch! No life = No krunch = No happy

You get the equation?

My krunch time is with my Love; Pringles! :D :D Life without Pringles is gloomy & depressing. Days without krunch at home...

#1 Thinking about Pringles after shower. *Imagining the satisfaction the moment my taste bud connects with my Love; Pringles!

#2 Thinking about Pringles during dinner for dessert! *with lots of hopefulness

#3 Watch tv recklessly but yet still thinking about Pringles *Oh MY..please get off my mind..please ...please...

No solution?

#4 huhu..still thinking about Pringles popping at the end of my head.


I hope someone would bring me Pringles today because brother ate them all yesterday!.........PRINGLESSSSSS???!! PLEASE? PLEASE?





#5 FABULOUS! Too Great To Be True!! Thanks to the Delivery Boy/Girl!! :D :D :D : D

#6 Open with anticipation

#7 Wow!!! Finally got them in my fingers!!

#8 Mouthful! The satisfaction rush down immediately!







Finally, can sleep soundly after having Krunch time with P.R.I.N.G.L.E.S! yum yum~~

#6 Sleeping with Pringles. LOL!! *snoring away

#7 It's Krunch Time, Get Playful! Having Krunch and being playful with Pringles aka Preggie, a nickname for it.

Preggie, You need to eat some too... XD

Other time I had a feeling to share with Mr Preggie in words ... So I decided to write him a letter.

The letter reads...

Dear Pringles,

How are you? I am very good because I just had you :D

Days without you is boring as always brings my attention away from the things I do. I know you will always be available, almost every where & every time. I will search high and low just to taste you a little bitsy.

When I do not have you, I am sure I will get you very soon.
Malay saying goes “Jauh di mata dekat di hati” *krunch*Krunch*krunch*

I hope you enjoy serving your purpose just like I enjoy tasting you! I hope to see you soon again. Three words, I LOVE YOU PRINGLES!

With Love,
Big Fan of yours!

Does she looks like me? =p

I am in Love with P.R.I.N.G.L.E.S!!

Wondering what is this for? Then check it out here.


Alvin Lim said...

ur #6 don look excited enuf leh :P

sooclara said...

that is anticipation ok..not excited..excited inside the heart lo..the blood is rushing mahh!! hahaha! :D

Sista said...

got pringles can be so happy, when see me i never see you that happy pun. ish.