22 November 2008

Minta puji cat

Post 6.

Have been eating out lately for the past few weeks as one of my relative from Australia was around.

Saw a Cat that wanted human's attention so much! Cute.

Just when I took my seat, the cat was under the table, sleeping. We tried to "shoo" the cat away but failed because she was so sleepy I guess.

Saw the leg with red strip slipper. The waitress in the kopitiam is trying to wake her up.

Then she held up one hand to close her eyes >.< Cat : I'm sleepy @.@ Look so adorable. :D

Not long after then, she woke up and eyes attacking on a couple whom were seating next to my table.

Acting so pity. Cat : Give some food...please share a piece of meat! hehehe!!

But I never like cats..I love puppies..NOT dogs... ;)

Oohh..I need to get ready for jogging. Be back again!


sheby said...

Woww... a cute cat. You never like cat :o

sheby said...

They said, a dog is man's best friend, but who can resist a purring cute cat. Haha ;)

sooclara said...

sheby : haha! u like cats?? erm..i love puppies but not when they turn to become dogs. LOL!

sheby said...

i don't like both of them T___T hahaha

sooclara said...

oowwhh...why?? puppies are cute deee!!

Mei-Wah said...

sheby!!! you are here too! :) i never like cats, i dunno why... sheby why you hate both cat & dog?