24 January 2009

2009 resolutions

Have to do this before CNY..really so late of me.. but I'm still gonna do it for the sake of doing it like everyone does. LOL!

I didn't have time to have a thought about my resolutions this year. I'll just scribble what comes into my mind when I'm typing this.

1) To stay in shape, although I put on weight I still want to maintain my figure. Hopefully every part of my body will be balanced.

2) My desire of pursuing this dream since I was 17. This is a story for another post, only when it happens.

3) Does a very productive and smart in time management.

4) erm..can't thing of any. Will add on indirectly when I have something in mind. :S

Those are the 3 things I wanna do this year. Nothing interesting but if no.2 does comes through then it will be a changed in everything I do right now.

Bringing you to curiosity? If you really want to know, then start praying for me so that it comes through then I blog proudly about it. Hehehe!! Win - win situation huh?


The girls I met again after 1 year of keeping contact through emails.

Ish..I look so weird here with spec. Can't wear lens because my eyes were too dry.

Us that only meet once a year.

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Mei-Wah said...

nah, you looked lovely in specs! :) you really do...