18 January 2009

Give away

EXACTLY TWO WEEKS I DID NOT BLOG!! (feel so guilty) *sigh* :S

But anyway, Yay!!!!!!!!

It's time to give away~ Sorry for delaying so so much in this post.

The contest in sooclara.blogspot.com has come to an end. The winner will win a series of Postcards from my hometown, Kota Kinabalu...a really beautiful place.

5 postcards of Sabah..your favourite state

And also a Lady Speed Stick - Morning Breeze.

Soon your ketiak gonna smell good. LOL!

The winner is.....

Loh...MEI WAH!!!! Can you see your name, girl? Happy boh?

I stole your photo from your blog! ehehe.. =p

yeah..you won the stuffs above. Please email me your address so that I'm able to post the things over to you ok.

Well, for those of you that didn't get this time, don't be sad because I'm planning to have another give away very soon. Hehehe!!

Stay tune!

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Sista said...

buaahahahahahahahah wtf