04 January 2009

Recap 2008

Last year was not a productive year but a HEALING year to me. Yes, I finally healed and 2009 indeed another year for a big project, another step of life but that will be another story to tell.

I didn't want to say Goodbye 2008 because I realize I did not fully utilize the whole year until the half year. Whatever means, it's gone now and forever. *sigh* I really love 2008 although its a year of healing yet with many personal stories/testimonies to share. :)

I know it is quite late for me to do this...but I'll just do it.

Recap on 2008...

Back to Hometown Kota Kinabalu, with my certificate. Cannot find any jobs...so started blogging with my very first entry.

Went on Air in Radio Sabah as Guest DJ in January.

The healing was still undergoing. Still jobless. And then met Nicolekiss went she visited KK.

Process of healing. Appointed in Youth Malaysia as a freelance blogger.

July went to Philippines. Finally out of the bar of the crimson fear/darkness. Happy!

Then had my car crashed by an indian.

Make a freaking changes on my hair. Get it short for twice. I was crazy like that and felt good with it.

2008 resolution achieved. Yeap, I gained weight. Until I cannot fit my own bottoms. I'm now wearing size M. Hormone changes I bet.

Started a proper job with stress, long working hours, rushing, tension.

Watched LIVE world badminton series. =D =D The unsatisfying part, didn't take any photos with them. TOO BUSY until they left.

With those highlights above, it made my 2008 swapped by. I specially want to thank people that step into my life in 2008 new friends/new colleagues, you know who you are. Not forgetting my family members and of course Heavenly Father.

All tribulations & circumstances had been overcame one by one by faith & determination. Thank you for the support whether direct or indirectly, everyone played a role in my 2008 memory.

2009 another year of a new chapter of my life. Let's bring it on.



Mei-Wah said...

i have not make any resolutions for the year 2009. hurrhurrhurr... :( i should really start thinking and stop delaying already.

what's your new year resolution?

sooclara said...

oppss..havent have time to think about it yet!