28 June 2008

My nickname Ladylike

Some people have been asking why do I address myself LADYLIKE in my blog and MSN. Okay the thing is, I adopted this nick many many years ago.

A brand of an apparel

Rewind back. During the Mirc World, where everyone is crazy about chatting online. You need to give yourself a nick. I've forgotten how many nicks I did change throughout the years, when people keep using my nick, I changed and changed.

Not until one day, I was thought by someone to register my nick Ladylike. From then on, I've been using it until today.

But the truth is I am not as LADYLIKE as you thought when you hear this sweet nick.


And so there's a lot of things that you see on the surface isn't me. :S

Like my nickname, but at least I'm still the girl next door that you wanna bring home. :P Although I am not that ladylike, ya know.

Si kucing even said this to me your look is like-a-bitch-but-not-a-bitch.

DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOOK LIKE BITCH???!!!!! Do you know how serious it is?

MANNNN!!! and there's why this english phrase exist : DON'T JUDGE ITS' BOOK BY ITS' COVER!!

it is very very true babeyyyy...!!

.stop judging me now. :)) I "lap" u!!!

1 comment :

cAth said...

AHAHAHAAHHAHAA...tat's true wat. anyway i love tis look-like-bitch-but-not-bitch girl!muaks!!!!!