13 July 2008

Before Hair Cut

Oopss..I should have update earlier however due to unforeseen circumstances there's delay.

sorry sorry!! I know I've been slagging off much recently. Too many activities, too much stories, too much errr...OK, that should be a good news. I'm still keeping it QUIET! *kill you...suspense* hehehe

Anyway, I really badly need a hair cut. My hair is very long now...mmm...almost reaching my waist. Have not been cutting for 6 months, little did I know, my hair grew so long already...

Long! Sexy! Silky! *minta puji berabis*

Wait till I show you my new look...very soon! And also the news outbreak! AHEM! the good news...!! Give a little bit more time.

I'm driving off city tomorrow. ALL ALONE! Got to sleep now~~

.curiosity can kill.die of suspense.


Mei-Wah said...

u wanna cut your hair?!?! OMGOMGOMG

sooclara said...

hahahaha!!! syokkkkkkkkk