09 July 2008

Anything with cheese!

I *heart* cheese! Italian food is always the excellent cuisine to open up my appetite.

Introducing Toscani's Wine and Dine Cafe, Waterfront. This cafe had been here for quite some time but never did I ever wanted to try because mostly Waterfront cafes or restaurants doesn't taste any good when it first opened except Grand Portview Seafood Restaurant. So there isn't any attempt of wanted to try out. :S

Since I love Italian cuisine for goddess sake, my friend accused me of how could I not dine here once before. Sick! SICK! I'm sort of kena blame "You don't know where to eat good food". Just because of this cafe I never step my foot, I've been charged under the unreasonable law of not liking Italian food. APA LAHHH!!! Seems like a very very serious offense.


Ok , so here am I to try out one of the fabulous Italian cuisine in city.

Atmosphere and setting. Check.

Varieties. Check.

Esprit Raspberry is nice...mmmm....

Service and cleanliness. Check.

The owner of this cafe is the one wearing the highest chef hat. He is from a Chinese blood I supposed.

Deliciousness rating. Later.

Price. Later.

After I'm done with the Tiramisu, I realize I didn't take picture of it! DAMN!! (I find myself, always left out a dish picture!!!) But, the tiramisu freaking sweet that send sweetness to your whole body and you totally feel yourself to be SWEET too. It is really nice. 1 piece could feed two mouths. DESSERTS ARE ALWAYS IRRESISTIBLE NO MATTER HOW FULL ARE YOU!!

So fast jump to dessert liao...~~


Ciahatta Mushroom RM 10.90

It's the truffle baked with cheese and tiny bread supports the toppings. Yes, it is cheesy, but it won't go very strong until you feel disgusted. Just nice!

Main course

Penne Alla Fiesokana de Mariana RM 18.90
Short tube pasta indulge with creamy seafood sauce with prawns, mussels and squids added in. The sauce is more mild, not thick. All time favourite.

Beef Lasagna RM 19.90
Mince beef coated with cheese. Yum yum!! Sensation. Heaven. The more you take in, the more you would wanna crave for. The amount of cheese warping the whole beef are beautifully measured. You totally won't get disgust even until your final spoon.

I mentioned DESSERTS earlier on...I've been using the word CHEESE and CHEESE everywhere, because they didn't mention what kind of cheese and my tongue isn't powerful enough to differentiate them.

The food is fabulous.undeniable.!!

Ratings 9/10

It do sounds pricey. Hit in once in a while or maybe once in a blue moon. :D worth eating, worth spending. It is only nice when you have the money.

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